Ruby,Sapphire, and Emerald

HM01 - Cut -Is in the cutters house in rustborto city. go to the far right and there will be a house that says, CUTTER'S HOUSE.

HM02 - Fly - Is after you battle may on route 119.

HM03 - Surf - After you battle your dad, wally's dad will come and tell you to come with him. then he will give you surf.

HM04 - Strength - Is when you go to rusturf tunnel you see a man and a woman seperated by rocks. When you get rock smash smash a rock and the man will give you strength.

HM05 - Flash - Is the first guy you see in dewford cave, the hiker.

HM06 - Rock Smash - Is in mauville. the house to the right of the pokecenter.

HM07 - Waterfall - Is in orgin cave in sootopolis.

HM08 - Dive - It is in steven's house . But first you have to beat the space station. Steven's house is at the far top left of mosdeep.

Diamond & Pearl

HM01 -Cut - Get it from Cynthia when you first come to Eterna City.

HM02 -Fly - Get it from the Galactic Warehouse after beating Maylene and retrieving Professor Rowan's assistant's Pokedex in Veilstone City.

HM03 -Surf - Get it from the elder of Celestic Town (Cynthia's grandma) after examining the ruins there.

HM04 -Strength - Get it from an old lady at the top of the Lost Tower outside of Solaceon Town.

HM05 -Defog - Get if from a man near the entrance to Pastoria Great Marsh in Pastoria City.

HM06 -Rock smash - Get it from the hiker when you first come to the Oreburgh Gate outside of Oreburgh City.

HM07 -Waterfall - Get it from Jasmine on the beach in Sunyshore City after beating Volker.

HM08 -Rock Climb - Use the Dowsing Machine Poketch App and search the snow-covered ground of Route 217.



firered & leafgreen

HM 01 -Cut - s.s anne captain gives it to you

HM 02 -Fly - route 16

HM 03- Surf - safari zone

HM 04 -Strength -safari zone warden (guy who lost his gold teeth)

HM 05 -Flash - route 2

HM 06-Rock smash - island 1

HM 07- Waterfall - island 4